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Meet Alex Givans, Owner of Jamtek!Matt Odom Photography 209372

Mr. Givans comes from a family of Master Electricians and he attended the NYCCT for Electrical Engineering Technology in Brooklyn NYC, long before dedicating his career to home security systems Macon GA. While pursuing his degree in electrical engineering Givans gained valuable hands-on experience and years working with his family owned electrical companies as a City, State, and Federal contract estimator and Field Journeyman Electrician for All American Electrical Corp and All Volts Electrical Inc. This is where he found his love of technology, which motivated him to venture out to further explore the seemingly endless possibilities it presents. Finding the place he’d learn to call his second home Alex settled in Macon and decided it was time to serve this community that had been so welcoming to him. Through offering IT support, low voltage electrical solutions, and home security systems Macon GA Alex is proud to be the owner of JamTek. Building up a team of motivated individuals who are dedicated to your safety and providing you affordable solutions. We are so honored for the support we have been given and cannot wait to expand to serve more people in this great state!

About Our Company and Our Industry Leading Standards

Jamtek Electrical, LLC is a company that was started as a passion for Mr.Givans; this passion has grown to become a business that provides the best of services in its field. Jamtek gives customers the comfort, stability, ease and peace of mind that should come with selecting the type of services, such as home security systems Macon GA, they provide. Jamtek prides itself in knowing that when a customer decides to invest their time, safety in our company that they are not just getting a robot, they’re getting one on one support, knowledge , professionalism, communication and problem solving skills. This is what sets our company apart from what’s currently out there. Jamtek has grown and is still growing. We are grateful that Middle Georgia has received our company with open arms; it shows us that with hard work and dedication we can keep climbing, striving and keep providing our customers with all they need. As we expand and grow we are committed to giving you top notch service, we know that you rely on your home security systems Macon GA for the safety of your family which is why we are committed to quality.

Here at Jamtek we always use the best in quality materials. When it comes to home security systems Macon GA we pride ourselves in it all starts from the smallest of materials to the biggest and that’s something that sets us apart. We like to make sure the customers are aware of all materials that are being installed in their homes. We do not take shortcuts and we always want to give the customer the best experience and something like high quality materials shows that we care and that we want repeat business. Jamtek takes the time to research each home security systems Macon GA job and see what is best and what is not good enough quality, not each job is the same so we take time to customize material to fit the customer’s needs.

We at Jamtek do know that not everyone can pay out right for their services. That’s why we have partnered with a financing company to make sure that everyone can afford their security. There should never be a No or I can’t afford this. We believe that everyone should have options and that is what we try to provide with the financing company.

Jamtek as a company does provide a month long warranty for the installation of our services including our home security systems Macon GA installations. When it comes to the products and materials used for the installation they each have their own warranty. Some products can have 67 months and some can have up to 5 years, this is something that all customers are made aware of at the point of install. Jamtek makes sure all customers are comfortable and knowledgeable about this information when installed.

Licensed & Insured Professionals

What most customers will be happy to know is that we are a fully credited, certified company with a State Low Voltage License. Jamtek is also a minority owned business, DotMatt Odom Photography 209362 certified DBE, LLC Company, certified Green Building Professional and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We have also partnered with great companies such as Cisco, Meraki, and Extron just to name a few. It is so important that the person who is taking care of the security in your home and installing your home security systems Macon GA is a licensed professional that you can trust! We make sure that all of our licenses and insurance are up to date along with always doing our best to stay at the forefront of any new updates in the industry. We are never just satisfied with good enough and when it comes to your security, neither should you!
When it comes to our Professional licensed technicians this is something that we take very seriously and make sure all customers are aware of. As a company that provides services as sensitive as security and alarms we use the fact that the techs are professional and licensed to make sure that our customers are comfortable.





We Do It All!

Jamtek Electrical, LLC, is Middle Georgia’s first choice for Low Voltage and IT/Network Solutions. We pride ourselves on our integrity. With every home security systems Macon GA project we do we make sure to provide fair pricing and are guaranteed to provide customer satisfaction. We provide Telecom Installation, Repair, and Maintenance. We also install and service CCTV, Burglary, Fire Alarm, and Audiovisual Systems, Network Designs and more. Best of all, we are fully Licensed, Certified, Bonded and Insured.

If there is a service you are looking for but are not sure who to call then please do not hesitate to give us a ring! We would love to answer any questions that you may have and get you set up for the right service. We do so much more than just home security systems Macon GA and provide services for both residential and commercial. We cannot wait to serve you in whatever low voltage electrical needs you may have, through expert service and affordable prices we believe you have found your answer!