Access Control Systems

Jamtek does not just provide home security systems Macon GA but also provides an access control system; this is the way to grant access to a specific location with aJamtek Electrical Unnamed (1) preprogrammed electronic access control system and based on who the customer wants to access or denies access to the location. This is extremely helpful to our businessowners in the community who are looking to beef up their security for their business while also making the process more efficient. When these access controls are installed it considers everyone a stranger as long as the customer wants them to be, once the customer gives access to each individual they will be able to access the location until the customer removes the individual from the system.

If you are satisfied with your home security systems Macon GA but you are looking for more security for you workplace than consider access control systems! There are ton of solutions that we can provide to you if you are looking for commercial security for your business and the best way to figure out what is going to be best for you is by booking a consultation.





Commercial & Residential Security Systems

Jamtek Electrical, LLC provides several different services for customer’s residential and commercial properties. One of the most popular is home security systems Macon GA whichKit Plus Product 1 we are so proud to be able to provide to this community. Being able to know that your home has an extra layer of security will put your mind at ease and give you a sense of control. One of our most popular options for our home security systems Macon GA is our Closed-circuit television (CCTV), this is a system in which signals are sent from the camera to a set monitor and is used for video surveillance. CCTV can be used for maintaining security from low to high secure areas, traffic monitoring, and grounds security.

This is not just limited to residential security but is an ideal solution for businesses or anything else you are trying to keep secure. Wired Security CCTV systems are the best in the industry at the moment these systems provide customers with a sense of safety and control. This may seem complex but is actually a very simple process, in order to know exactly what is required for your property we will need to do an onsite consultation where we will come up with a customized solution to best fit your property.

Security Cameras

One vital aspect of your home security systems Macon GA is security cameras. An alarm may allow you to know something is going on but gives you no helpful data on what was1 Video Surveillance compromising the security of your home or office. A security camera is a sure fire way of understanding what compromised your security and will allow you to better solve any mysteries when it comes to a break in. We often times get questions about security cameras, you have absolutely called the right place as we are fully equipped! A lot of our services, not just our home security systems Macon GA, involves security cameras as this is a vital part of the security of any property. There is a lot that we can do with security cameras and there are so many customizable options. We would love to walk you through them so that we can find what is going to be the best fit for you! If you are looking to beef up your security then ask us about what security cameras we can install and where so that you can be incontrol and have confidence that nothing will be able to slip past you! Do not hesitate to give us a call today so we can get you on the schedule!



Voip Phone Systems for Residential & Commercial

Jamtek provides and installs Voip Phone systems for residential and commercial locations. If you have us over to install your home security systems Macon GA we would love81 Uvp Executive Front for you to ask us about our Voip phone systems and what all it can do for you! When installing Voip Phone systems you are using Ip technologies for placing calls over an IP network, such as the internet and not the traditional phone networks. There are many benefits to using these systems such as easy set up, reliability, and network flexibility. No matter if you are residential or commercial this is a system that will bring efficiency and solve a lot of headaches. We often do package deals with our home security systems Macon GA and Voip phone systems to make things more affordable while also getting you the most bang for your buck! If you are sick of dropped calls and spotty coverage than take a stand and contact Jamtek to install a Voip phone system in your home or office!

IT Maintenance

Jamtek also provides IT maintenance alongside their home security systems Macon GA services. IT maintenance helps protect your data and reduce the risk of serious problems and functional checks, servicing, repairing or replacing of necessary devices, equipment, and machinery. IT Maintenance has different variations including anything from Basic IT where system updates, archiving files and hardware equipment checks. And IT maintenance security where it’s more complex and where you keep sensitive files for privacy, software backups, and virus and spyware scanning. If you are working from home this may not be something you have thought about in the past as it was your company’s concern but now it is yours solely! We would highly encourage you to reach out to us to provide to you IT solutions in your home so that your technology is protected and working efficiently. You take pride in your home security systems Macon GA it is time you take pride in the security of your computers and miscellaneous technology in your home. Give us a call if you are a business or resident looking for IT solutions and maintenance as we would love to go over with you our services and packages that we provide.